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My boyfriend began having problems with erections (he's older) and I suggested he look into Generic Viagra. Boy, am I glad he did! We ordered 50 mg pill from Online Pharmacy and it did nothing so he took another and that was a mistake. Three hours later he was still rock hard and had come multiple times (so had I)!! Since then a single 50 mg dose does it very well--he's now good for almost 2 hours of good hard sex that leaves both of us worn out. Hence THIS PRODUCT IS FANTASTIC! We ordered a batch from Online pharmacy, amazed at how conveniently it is supplied. Prior to using Generic Viagra I could not control orgasm for longer than three to five minutes...if lucky! I have used Generic Viagra several times now and have been able to control orgasm's for a half hour or longer! Thanks from my wife and I for this great invention! It has renewed our sexual relationship.

Jim, Nebraska

I have been on blood pressure meds for years. I was having no problem getting hard but I would lose it right in the middle of sex. I asked one doctor about Generic Viagra because my wife was blaming herself, saying she did not turn me on anymore, I did not find her attractive, etc. Well, the doctor said to use more direct stimulation, so I shocked him and said how much more direct can you get than a blowjob. I would go soft during a blowjob. I went to a different doctor and he asked me if I wanted to try Generic Viagra and I said yes. Conveniently available from Online Pharmacy, I will never forget the first time I tried it. I split a 100 mg in half, went and took a shower and was anticipating sex with my wife and thinking about her and wham, I got hard! I wanted to run out and show her, but didn't. We went to bed and soon she looked over at me and my erection, her eyes get big and she said, "Oh my God, look at how big and hard you are and I haven't even touched you yet." She and I both loved it. I get erections like I was 18! I last longer before I come, I am larger and very hard, and like many have said, I can repeat again soon if I want and the effects last even into the next a.m. To make a long story short, Generic Viagra saved my marriage.

Harry, Virginia

I am a 27-year-old male model from NY, and I have been suffering from ED since I lost my virginity at 16. I am a very good-looking male, and I can get almost any girl I want, but I was always too afraid of the embarrassment of facing a girl after 2 minutes of sex. I was tired of pleasing my girlfriend of 4 years orally. I started noticing Generic Viagra pills laying around my father's house, and was very curious about how they worked! I knew they had to work if my father at the age of 53 was taking them. I snuck two of his 50-mg pills, and ordered more from Online Pharmacy. I finally decided to pop one of the pills 30 minutes before sex, and I was amazed at the results! I kept going, and going! I was having sex like I never imagined I could. I came at least two more times that night, and it never went down! My girlfriend was blown away, and begged me to stop! I never thought I would have a girl say that to me! Generic Viagra definitely is a miracle pill. I thought I would have to deal with ED for the rest of my life. I would recommend Generic Viagra to anyone curious enough to try it! And hopefully we will see your positive results posted on this site with the rest of ours. –

Carson, St. Petersberg

I have moderate/severe ED for two years. One day I was browsing and saw Generic Viagra add on Online Pharmacy. I was very hesitant at the beginning but then I ordered Generic Viagra from Online Pharmacy and it turned out that everything you said was true. An initial dose of 50 mg of Generic Viagra two months ago brought moderate success in reaching an orgasm, so I talked to my Doctor and he increased the dosage to 75 mg and told me not to try every day. I waited three days, and took the 75 mg. Within one hour I was rock hard and serviced my wife thru four orgasms! After about two hours she performed oral sex on me and and I had the most intense orgasm of my life. . My wife and I have had the best sex ever. She can't believe how long I can now last...neither can I. Thanks.

Max, New York

Physically fit and trim (6', 178 lbs) at age 40, seven years into marriage, I began noticing difficulty maintaining an erection. In the middle of sex, my hard-on would wane away. I soon found myself avoiding sex; performance anxiety only made matters worse, bringing new meaning to the words "soft-on." I could not believe this was happening to me. My interest in sex was as it always had been -- on my mind frequently. For me, the inability to maintain a good hard-on during sex was accompanied by a huge sense of loss, disappointment and embarrassment. I made an appointment to see a urologist. I made a requisition of Generic Viagra from Online Pharmacy and then took a pill on an empty stomach with a full glass of water and waited 30 minutes before having dinner. After about 45 minutes, my nose began to get quite stuffy and my face was slightly flushed. About an hour after taking Generic Viagra, my wife and I went behind closed doors for a little adventure -- not knowing what the results may be, but was amazed as we fucked non-stop for almost an hour and my dick was as hard as ever. I felt 18 again. We tried Generic Viagra again and again that week, with great results every time, and I cannot tell you how much fun we had.The 100mg dose is too much for me. I split the tablet in thirds and found that about 33mgs works best for me. Sometimes I get a slight headache, stuffy nose, and flushed face, but the short-lived, mild side effects are well worth an incredibly good fuck. And to top it off, my insurance pays for this medication if I order from Online Pharmacy. (although they'll only allow 10 tablets of Generic Viagra a month... those prudes).

Alper, U.S.A

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